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 How far can kayfabe injuries go?

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How far can kayfabe injuries go? Empty
PostSubject: How far can kayfabe injuries go?   How far can kayfabe injuries go? EmptyTue Jun 18, 2013 9:56 am

I ask this because I sense WWE's doing a second impact syndrome angle with Ziggler. If you don't know, SIS is a rare but very serious complication of concussions which may occur upon taking another blow to the head shortly after the initial concussion. The brain swells to a dangerous size and damage, if not death, may result.

WWE has done near-death angles in the past with Goldust's heart stopping, Hawk's suicide attempt and the "Stu Hart Attack" King's Court that never aired on TV. These clearly had an unrealistic edge to them, but are seen as poor taste. On the other hand, the most realistic piece of kayfabe is often cited as HBK's collapse, which is greatly lauded now despite prompting fan calls to the WWF and the hospital where Michaels was supposedly being treated at the time.

In an age of concussion awareness, is Ziggler doing an SIS angle going too far?
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How far can kayfabe injuries go?
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